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  • Why us?

    • If you’d like to make your video popular and have many positive remarks the best solution is buy YouTube Views.
    • The easiest way to make your channel popular is to buy YouTube subscribers.
    • When you buy YouTube likes, views, comments and Subs other people watches your Channel more especially when they sort by hits counts.
    • The number of people liking, commenting and sharing your video are some of the criteria used to rank it so buy YouTube Comments.
    • Buy YouTube likes cheap, the more hits and likes your video has the higher it appears on your category.
    • With more hits, Subs and likes, it is more likely to appear in Google search results.
    • More subscription to your channel so buy real YouTube Subscribers.
    • With more hits, YouTube will give you honors such as most favorite, most watched in a day/wk/month, Most shared most rates etc. These brings massive traffic to your channel.buying youtube views

    Why Choose Us

    • We are very professional in our services.You will only Buy Real YouTube Views and Subscribers from us, such that you can never get in trouble.
    • We start your order promptly as within minutes after you order, Drop us a line in chat line if wont have started your work within 6hrs (hits takes up to 6-24hrs to reflect but Ratings and remarks reflect in real time)
    • Punctual Delivery of our services, time is very important in marketing.
    • We start working on new orders within 6 hours and in most cases 3 hrs depending with workload therefore Buy YouTube video Comments.
    • We are the cheapest and most reliable in the market, Just search for our competitors reviews in Google .
    • We are the best place to buy YouTube views cheap.
    • we offer a variety of services.
    • Our Services are 100% real, no Bots buy authentic YouTube comments.
    • We Guarantee you Custom and positive remarks,we truly watch your clip in full to ensure that all remarks are relevant.
    • Our Services are Adsense Safe. ie your adsense account will not be banned by using our services

    Our packages
    Buy YouTube Likes
    Buy YouTube views and comments The Number of likes (rating) a video has is one of the criteria used to measure how popular your it is therefore recommended to Buy YouTube Likes. You will get 100-500 likes (Ratings) per video per day depending on the size of your order. Of course each like is accompanied by one hit. Buy YouTube Likes Within 6 hrs we will be working on the order, normally within 3hrs after you order.

    You Tube Video URL
    Current number of L ikes

    Buy YouTube Comments
    Would you like to Buy YouTube comments? The more positive remarks a video has, the more popular and interactive it is. We will start working on your order within 6 hrs but most of the time within 30 min. We Normally Watch your video then make positive remarks about it. If there is something specific you would like us to write, kindly let us know you can email us the remarks to us, sales (at) onewaytextlinking . com ** Use the same email as used in payment and we’ll link up the order or better still indicate the transaction ID. We NEVER put remarks to sell our products or services in your videos. Buy YouTube comments You can also email us the list of remarks you would like us to make via the above email or via the contact form.

    Com ments
    You Tube Video URL
    Current number of Comments

    Buy YouTube Subscribers

    • If you are looking for the easiest way to make your channel popular then we advice you to Buy YouTube Subscribers. Get them delivered within 12hrs to a maximum of 1 week..
    • We start working on your order within 24 hours and in most cases 6 hrs depending with workload.
    • We Only provide real human subscribers.Buy Youtube Subscribers

    Sub scribers
    You Tube Video/Channel URL
    Current Number of Subs cribers

    Buy YouTube views
    Do you want to Buy YouTube views? We Normally deliver 500 -10000 hits per day per video, Depending with your order. Mostly US and Europe views. 100% guarantee. ALL Views will be from real people on in Network. no fake views or Bots Our hits are 100% safe and CANNOT get your channel banned buy Youtube Views

    Vi ews
    You Tube Video URL
    Current Number of Vi ews

    Q: DO you offer money back guarantee ?
    Yes we offer money back guarantee if we do not deliver your order.

    Q: Can I buy custom YouTube comments?
    Yes all remarks made are relevant to your video, we will watch in full before making positive comments about it. So they will be very relevant to it. If you have your own list that you’ld like us to us, email it to us after ordering to sales (at) onewaytextlinking . com remember to include the transaction ID and we will do the rest.
    Q: How soon will you begin working on my order?
    It typically takes 3hrs and at most 24 hrs after we receive your order. Depending with the workload we have. this excludes weekend and US public holidays.
    Q: How many Hits do I expect to be delivered to my url a day?
    It depends with the number of views purchased, typically we deliver 500-3000 per 24hrs.
    Q: Can I send You my Custom List of Comments ?
    Yes, we always use your list, Just email us the comments to; sales ( at) onewaytextlinking (dot) com (with the list.) YouTube Comments
    Q: My video views are not increasing, why?
    YTube only updates the number in real time for urls with less than 300 hits, from there it switches to 6-12hr before updating. Typicality it also runs filters to check whether the your are receiving genuine hits thus a slight freeze on at around 300. We only deliver real hits accepted by YTube thus no cause of alarm.
    Q: Can my video be banned for using this service.
    No, we 100% confirm to YouTube T.O.S. since we deliver real services and you can confirm from the statistics that our average viewers will spend 2-3mins on your video. Thus your channel can not be deleted or banned, 100% guaranteed, have confidence in us as you Buy authentic YouTube Comments. Since we deliver real hits spending 2-3mins viewing , non of our videos has ever been banned or deleted.
    Still have a Question?
    Contact US sales at onewaytextlinking dot com Or All the best as You Buy YouTube Views, Subscribers, Likes and Comments.

    Q: How soon will you begin working on my video? It typically takes 12hrs and at most 48 hrs after we receive your order. Depending with the workload we have. this excludes weekend and US public holidays.

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